Investment Philosophy

Jensen Group pursues a multi-sector investment strategy focused on St. Petersburg and its surrounding areas. The team uses an entrepreneurial approach to sourcing and executing off-market transactions, capitalizing on their deep knowledge of the local real estate market as well as Jensen’s fully-integrated platform and proprietary relationships.

In order to deliver maximum returns to its shareholders, Jensen Group focuses on opportunities in the following investment scenarios:

  1. undersupply of quality real estate across all sectors,
  2. opportunities for change-of-use – relocation of manufacturing activities from the city center,
  3. emerging locations near the St. Petersburg ring road and major commuter transportation hubs (e.g., airport and train stations, new roads), and
  4. suburbanisation trends.

Jensen’s investment approach is aimed at achieving consistent market-leading performance for our investors and continuously adding value to our investments from acquisition to disposition. The major characteristics of Jensen’s investment strategy are:

Ground-up Development. We may undertake the ground-up development of new real estate assets and/or the purchase and development of land. Jensen constantly evaluates exit alternatives during all stages of development.

Redevelopment/Renovation. Jensen Group redevelops or renovates existing assets to add value by space re-arrangement or change-of-use.

Improve Underperforming Assets. Jensen may opportunistically acquire mismanaged or undercapitalized assets with the potential to add value through innovative solutions and “hands-on” active asset management strategies.